The level to which black Friday has gotten is pretty crazy, considering it wasn’t that long ago that it first started happening. However, this isn’t a reason for you to forget about cyber Monday, since this holiday is a billion-dollar shopping machine on its own and has some great and unique qualities, just like black Friday. In this articles we will show you three ways in which cyber Monday sales are different, and maybe even better, than the ones on black Friday.

No more going to stores

Something that scares a lot of people when it comes to black Friday are the inevitable crowds that come with it. If you are one of those people, then you can relax, since as the name itself suggests, cyber Monday is an online shopping holiday. This means that instead of having to do down to your local Sears and have to push through crowds to get something like a toaster or a blender, you can easily do that form the comfort of your own couch.

Why not shop at work

This may sound as a joke, and even though we don’t encourage you to do this, you would be surprised how many people are actually spending cyber Monday shopping at work. And while black Friday is not a public holiday everywhere, it has been made one in a whopping 24 states so people are free to go and shop. But since everyone is back at work by cyber Monday, they have to get their hands on the best sales form their work desks, and since most of the cyber Monday sales go online before 5pm, lots of shoppers log on to shop while on the clock.

Cyber Monday is great for fashion lovers

Something that you need to be aware of when it comes to the differences of cyber Monday sales and the ones on black Friday, is that while black Friday has some amazing sales on electronics, cyber Monday’s strong suit are the so called “soft goods”. By this we mean things like clothes, shoes, accessories, are only some of the amazing items that you can find on cyber Monday, and in some cases the retailers even manage to bust out some great cyber Monday coupons that are good enough to put even black Friday to shame.

If you were one of the people that thought cyber Monday isn’t worth your trouble, then hopefully this article made you see otherwise and realize that even though you might have missed the Thanksgiving and black Friday sales, you might still have a chance to score some great coupons and deals with the help of some cyber Monday sales.